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Pop-Up is a free-to-play strategic whack-a-mole mobile game that puts a brand new twist on the classic arcade game by introducing team building mechanics and real time PVP (Player Versus Player) battles.​

Your facility is being invaded by pesky little robots who want to steal precious energy from your generators. In order to prevent a total shutdown, Dio (the worker bot) has woken up BAWT-01 (Trippy's resident mech) and equipped his Popper arm to get rid of those unwelcomed invaders.

Destroy these little robots we call 'Pop-Ups' by tapping them on screen as they deploy onto the surface. Do not let them escape or they'll take away a small portion your Popper's hit points/HP. Be careful not to go on a tapping frenzy too, as there are many cheeky Pop-Ups that could trick and do more harm to you if you accidentally attack them. Collect Pop-Ups as you defeat them and build your very own team that will help you fight in your battles. If you think you have the perfect team of Pop-Ups, you could take it to the ultimate test by challenging other players in PVP battles!


  • Fast paced whack-a-mole battles that requires quick thinking and reflexes.

  • Make use of unique Pop-Up abilities during battles to help you win.

  • Strategize and assemble your own team of Pop-Ups to help you fight in single and multiplayer mode. 

  • Level up and upgrade your Popper's stats to suit your play style and strategy.


  • Defeat & capture Pop-Up bosses in Tower Challenge to expand your Pop-Up collection.

  • Enemies for each wave and bosses in Tower Challenge are randomly picked in every run, providing endless replay value and always testing the player's team building skills.


  • Real time PVP battles that only takes less than 3 minutes to finish! 

  • Outsmart your opponents with carefully thought out Pop-Up loadout synergies.

  • Climb PVP ranking leaderboards for exclusive rewards.


  • You like to create and experiment with different team builds.

  • You always have a few minutes to spare, such as while waiting for your meals to get served, train/bus to arrive, or answer nature's call.

  • You like robots.

  • You want to settle an argument with a friend(or partner).

  • You want to improve your hand-eye coordination.

  • You hate robots.

  • You are bored.

  • You hate candies, clashes, waifus, guns, or armless astronauts.

  • You don't like to 'work' in an NFT game.

  • You want to have fun.

Pop-Up Open Beta is now available for download on iOS Testflight and Google Play Store.

* Multiplayer Mode will be added in a later date.

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Download all key arts and screenshots here.





Trippy Studios is an indie game studio located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in early 2020, we are a small team of passionate gamers who want to innovate and set new trends in the gaming industry by creating mobile games that combines fun gameplay mechanics and high quality visuals.

It wasn't easy for us because we started up just when the pandemic hit the world, but it also made us realize the importance of games and entertainment to help people stay sane during those difficult times. This only motivated us even more to do our best in order to develop good quality games to be enjoyed by everyone around the world.

We are currently a team of 7 talented developers and are always looking at ways to grow in order to achieve our goals and bring joy to the world.


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Do you have any unanswered questions or additional info that is not on this page? Please don't hesitate to send us an email and we would be happy to assist you!

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