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Happy Lunar New Year 2022!

Pop-Up has been available in Open Beta for a little over a month since late December 2021 and we've recorded more than 15k+ downloads on Google Play Store alone! The general reception from our players have been very positive, and we thank you very much for giving us your feedback. We'd also like to take this opportunity to give our special thanks to fellow Popperians who have joined the Pop-Up community in our Discord server - it's a pleasure to get to know and chat with all of you!

This February, we will be celebrating the year of the tiger with our very first limited time event for the game. Here's what's in store for you when you play Pop-Up during the Lunar New Year Event:

Maneki Neko

It has always been our intention to slowly add new PUs of different rarities into the game as we add new content. And this is the perfect opportunity for us to introduce the very first Legendary PU into the game - Maneki Neko! The beckoning cat is well known for bringing good luck and prosperity to its owner, and to live up to its expectations, this cat has a cyclic ability that increases the player's Silver Coins during battle! This means that it is now easier to save up Silver Coins for the upgrades that you've always wanted to purchase in Dio's shop. Furthermore, there has been rumors that Popperians will be able to exchange Silver Coins into Cargo Coins when they finish a Tower Challenge in the near future. The Maneki Neko will definitely come in handy!

Maneki Neko's Tiger Skin

Since it is the year of the Tiger, it is only fitting for us to also add an exclusive Tiger skin* for Maneki Neko! To unlock the Maneki Neko and its Tiger skin, all you have to do is simply complete the limited time event tasks. You can keep track of your completion progress in the Rewards tab, accessible from the main menu. Popperians who are rewarded the Tiger skin will be able to show it off and strike fear into the hearts of their opponents when PVP mode is implemented in a later update!

Maneki Neko Tower Challenge

There will also be a new limited time Maneki Neko Tower Challenge that is playable during this event.

It retains the same rules and format of the Normal Tower Challenge with the exception that players are guaranteed to battle Maneki Neko in the boss level. Defeating the Maneki Neko will not be easy and might prove to be costly, so make sure you have the right strategy for your loadout and Popper setup before tackling this event's tower. Upon defeating this boss, players will get to capture the Legendary PU that can be used to further upgrade their Maneki Neko.

Prepare your offerings before you battle Maneki Neko!

The Cargo Shop will also increase the amount of free Cargo Coins given at every shop refresh during this Lunar New Year event which lasts from 1st February 2022 to 28th February 2022. So don't miss this chance to get an exclusive Legendary Pop-Up!

This is just the beginning, we can't wait to share more new and exciting game content that is coming to Pop-Up in the future with you. Until then, Trippy Studios wishes everyone a happy and prosperous new year ahead. See you again in the next blog entry!

*PU skins are purely cosmetics and do not offer any additional advantage to gameplay whatsoever.


If you haven't already, download Pop-Up with iOS Testflight and Google Play Store now!

Don't forget to also join the Pop-Up community on our Discord Server where you can share your feedback, chat with us, and get exclusive news and updates about the game.

To get notified when we share more info, please subscribe to our mailing list, like and follow Trippy Studios Official Facebook Page.

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