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Marching On With more Rewards

The Lunar New Year Event has come to an end. We hope that you've enjoyed it and have manage to unlock the Maneki Neko along with its exclusive Tiger skin for yourself. With that, we have the next update ready to roll. Let's take a look at what's new in update v0.3.27.

1. Newbie Boosters

The game can be quite challenging for new players since everyone starts with the slowest speed Popper and a very limited selection of Level 1 Pop-Ups. Because of this, we've implemented Newbie Boosters rewards to help new players achieve a decent and viable loadout sooner. All you have to do is simply login daily for each of the 10 rewards. Don't worry if you missed a day, you will still be able to collect the last reward where you left off when you return to the game again. Existing players will also get to enjoy these rewards by doing the same.

2. Daily Login Rewards

We also want to reward our players who play the game everyday. Simply login everyday to automatically collect rewards. Each reward corresponds to the day of the month and becomes collectable up to the current day of the month. If you've missed a day or two, you may still collect missed rewards by spending Cargo Crystals. Collect all daily login rewards on the chart to unlock an exclusive full attendance bonus reward too! (Because we are starting in the middle of the month, the requirement for this month's bonus reward will be readjusted accordingly.) This month's bonus reward is the Legendary Pop-Up Maneki Neko. For those who haven't gotten the Maneki Neko or new players who've missed the Lunar New Year Event, this could be your very last chance to score a legendary PU!

3. Player Inbox

There are many game features that we've planned to implement for Pop-Up, but the Inbox system is definitely one that we need as early as possible in order to cater for the rest of the updates to come. From now onwards, players will get to read any news and announcements here. Any unclaimed rewards for past events, daily tasks or purchases will also be sent to the inbox. This will also be used in the future for receiving gifts from friends. (Yes, friends!)

We're already working on the features for the next update and we can't wait to share more details with you soon. Until then, keep calm & and keep on Poppin'!


If you haven't already, download Pop-Up with iOS Testflight and Google Play Store now!

Don't forget to also join the Pop-Up community on our Discord Server where you can share your feedback, chat with us, and get exclusive news and updates about the game.

To get notified when we share more info, please subscribe to our mailing list, like and follow Trippy Studios Official Facebook Page.

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