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Mid-Autumn Goodness & New Game Mode Coming Soon?

Hi fellow Popperians! It's been a while since we last posted a blog for Pop-Up, so I guess it's about time for an update on what we've been up to. The team at Trippy Studios have been very hard at work in the past few months developing new content that we've planned for the months leading to the end of year 2022. One of the key contents is the Mid-Autumn Festival event that players will get to enjoy throughout the month of September!

Available exclusively from 1st - 30th September 2022, players get 4 brand new Pop-Ups along with other attractive daily rewards when they purchase September's VIP Pass for the price of 800 Cargo Crystals. Here's what you are getting:

+ Lantern (Common) Increases destroyed enemy’s chances of dropping items. + Lunarian Guard (Rare) Collects all Silver Coins on the battlefield at double the rate. + Miner (Epic) Continuously increase player’s Silver for as long as there are enemies on the battlefield. + Lunarian (Legendary) Grants increased chance to get an additional Boss PU drop when player defeats a Boss. + Exclusive Lunarian player avatar + Lots of other Pop-Ups + Lots of Cargo Coins, Nanodust, Cargo Crystals & Energy Orbs! + VIP Perks - Get additional 20% EXP and Cargo Coins when you play (30 days duration) + Unlimited free Cargo Shop refreshes

If you have insufficient Cargo Crystals at your disposal, fret not! Players can still obtain the Lunarian Guard for free as the Daily Login Bonus Reward. All you have to do is simply log in daily and get full attendance throughout the month of September! Besides, players will also get to obtain Lucky Bunny's Mid-Autumn themed player avatar and skin when they log in for 10 and 20 days respectively.

We've also implemented new Limited Time Offers in Pop-Up. LTOs are one time offers that is only valid for 72 hours starting from when you obtain a new Pop-Up for the first time. Purchasing these LTOs allow you to instantly upgrade your new Pop-Up to level 3, and the package also comes with an exclusive special edition player avatar.

Upgrade your Pop-Up instantly with these Limited Time Offers!

So what's next? It's no secret that October is the time for the world's most anticipated holiday of the year. For that, we have another huge update planned for next month, so stay tuned! For now, we would like to share a sneak peek of a new game mode that we've been working on recently.

What do you think? What could it be? Of course, we'll leave it up to speculations for now. More details will be shared soon. Until then, see you next time and have a happy Mid-Autumn festival!


If you haven't already, download Pop-Up with iOS Testflight and Google Play Store now!

Don't forget to also join the Pop-Up community on our Discord Server where you can share your feedback, chat with us, and get exclusive news and updates about the game.

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