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Pop-Up Open Beta is available now!

Pop-Up is a free-to-play strategic whack-a-mole mobile game that puts a brand new twist on the classic arcade game by introducing team building mechanics and real time PVP (Player Versus Player) battles.

In this open beta, you will get to play the single player mode of Pop-Up - the 'Tower Challenge'. Clear waves of enemy pop-ups starting from level 1 and progress onwards to higher levels until you get to face the final boss at level 10. Completing the Tower Challenge will reward you with pop-ups which you can then equip in your loadout to aid you in the next Tower Challenge attempts.

Clearing the Tower Challenge won't be easy, so play around and experiment with different loadout combinations to find out which pop-ups suits your play style the most. As you play and level up, you will also unlock skill points that can be used to upgrade your Popper. Choose between attack speed, attack power, charging rate, and HP to make your Popper better and synergize with your pop-ups.

Dio popper bay pop-up trippy studios
Dio working on Popper upgrades at the Popper Bay.

As we continue to develop the game, we will gradually introduce more interesting and powerful pop-ups into the game, and eventually PVP mode where players will get to put their pop-up loadouts to the ultimate test by battling each other. In order to make it as fun and fair as possible, we hope to gather feedback from Pop-Up players regarding gameplay and balance starting from this alpha release.

Pop-Up is a free-to-play strategic whack-a-mole mobile game.

Download Pop-Up with iOS Testflight and Google Play Store now!

Don't forget to join the Pop-Up community on Discord ( where you can share your feedback, chat with us, and get exclusive news and updates about the game.

We can't wait to share more information about the game with you in the coming weeks!


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